Meet the Attorneys of Russell Mirkovich & Morrow

Managing partner Joseph N. Mirkovich and partner Margaret E. Morrow are the experienced admiralty and maritime lawyers of Russell Mirkovich & Morrow in Long Beach.

Our law firm was founded in 1989 to represent among domestic and foreign underwriters, vessel owners and charterers, surface and airfreight forwarders, truckers, cargo brokers, stevedores, shipyards, marine construction companies, import-export and shipping concerns, customs brokers, seamen and passengers, warehouse keepers, and other transportation and warehousing interests in the full range of transportation matters.

We can also represent commercial interests with contract and tort litigation in federal and state courts at both trial and appellate levels, commercial transactions such as commercial leases and subleases, incorporations, purchase agreements, franchise agreements, buy/sale agreements, mergers and sales of assets.

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For an initial consultation with Russell Mirkovich & Morrow, call locally at 562-661-5709, toll free to 877-712-3401, or you may reach us online by e-mail.