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What is the function of the Federal Maritime Commission?

The federal government closely regulates the movement of goods in and out of the nation's ports, including those here in California. One of the regulatory agencies anyone in the industry must deal with is the Federal Maritime Commission. Understanding its role in the import and export of goods may help companies to remain in compliance with its regulations. 

Would working with a transportation law attorney help you?

If you run a business here in California that helps facilitate the delivery of goods traveling across the city, the state or the country, then you probably work with one or more companies on a regular basis. To maintain these relationships, you more than likely enter into contracts, have disputes on occasion and make sure your company remains in compliance with all of the state and federal laws that apply to your industry. All of these instances probably rely on a body of laws called transportation law.

The potential impact of Jones Act waivers

As a maritime worker in Long Beach, you know full well that many of the same standards and practices that apply to most industries have no place in your line of work. That includes the many guidelines in place providing you with workplace protections (such as injury expense compensation through the Jones Act). Yet where you aware that your company can seek a Jones Act waiver? Many have come to us here at Russell Mirkovich & Morrow questioning whether seeking such a waiver would have any impact on individual employee protections.

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