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How can issues with cargo affect your business?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Transportation Law |

Longbeach business owners like you often rely on transport for at least one part of your business, especially if you are dealing with shipping out goods or receiving products. Russell, Mirkovich & Morrow are here to take a look at how issues with transportation could back up and impact your whole business.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most common cargo claims that business owners tend to make. They usually involve:

  • Products that were delayed or delivered to the wrong location
  • Freight charge disagreements
  • Damaged or lost property, such as merchandise
  • Contracts or agreements that have been broken or breached

Generally speaking, these disputes involve a cargo shipment not reaching its destination on time, arriving with damaged or missing goods, or charging more for freight than anticipated or agreed upon. Other agreements can be broken as well, leading to tension between the shipping companies and you.

So how do these issues impact your work? In the case of delays, it can affect your reliability in the eyes of your customers. When they expect products by a certain time, not receiving them can be critical. Likewise, having damaged or lost property can set back every other aspect of business as you must wait for a second batch to arrive.

Have issues with your cargo system or other product-related shipments recently caused your business to hit a snag? Has that snag potentially cost you in time, money, and customer satisfaction? Consider taking a look at our webpage on transportation law, linked here. You can also contact our attorneys directly to learn more about your options.

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