Addressing Maritime and Business Law Issues Since 1989

Skilled Representation In Complex Disputes

When you face a dispute in the courtroom, you may feel both uncertain and overwhelmed about the effects the outcome may have on your future.

At Russell Mirkovich & Morrow, we have over 30 years of experience in advocating for our clients in the courtroom. With an exclusive focus in maritime and transportation law, we provide a knowledgeable perspective to the complex disputes of such businesses. Working also with general business disputes and personal injury lawsuits, we can assist no matter the nature of your dispute.

The Need For Efficient Advocacy In Business Litigation

Whether you are pursuing your rights or are on the receiving end of a lawsuit, we can protect you and your business. We represent a wide array of businesses and commercial interests, including:

  • NVOCCs (nonvessel ocean commercial carriers) authority representation
  • Third-party logistics companies, freight forwarders and other transportation interests
  • Warehousing interests
  • Marine terminal operators
  • Business owners

We can represent your interests in either state or federal court. Whether the dispute is due to a broken contract, partnership dispute or more, we prioritize the continued success of your business. Leveraging our experience as trial attorneys, we will be acceptably aggressive in working toward achieving an efficient, cost-effective resolution.

Compassionate Defense In Personal Injury Claims

When the negligence or recklessness of another caused your injury, you may have a case to pursue legal action. We are not afraid of taking your case to court to seek the maximum amount of damages, or financial compensation, that you are due. Whether your injury was caused in a maritime accident, motor vehicle accident or something else, we will prioritize your ability to effectively move forward.

Protecting Your Rights Through Civil Appeals

When your case concludes unfavorably, the battle may not be over yet. We can advise when an appeal is possible and appropriate. If a mistake or error in judgment may have led to a less than optimal result, we will work quickly to file an appeal and strategically assert your rights in the courtroom.

Consult With An Attorney

If you face a lawsuit in court, do not wait to involve an experienced lawyer with your case. We work with clients across Southern California, the United States and the world. Contact our Long Beach office locally at 562-661-5709, toll-free at 877-712-3401 or send us an email.