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A Unique And Informed Perspective On Transportation Law

Transportation by road, railway or sky is immensely critical to our economy. With deadlines and critical shipments on the line each day, businesses need experienced legal assistance by their side.

The attorneys at Russell Mirkovich & Morrow have assisted individuals and businesses across Southern California since 1989. With unique knowledge and experience in transportation and maritime matters, we can offer an informed perspective to your legal matter.

Guidance In Working With Container Freight Stations And Warehouses

Storage is a big part of any transportation business. As container freight stations or warehouses can play an influential role in day-to-day activities, it is crucial to utilize the right facility and draft a sound agreement. We can assist in drafting and negotiating contracts between container freight stations, warehouses and other businesses to detail the responsibilities and duties of each party.

Representation In Cargo Damage And Delivery Disputes

When a shipment does not go as planned, we can hold the responsible party accountable. We can represent you in cargo claims for:

  • Lost or damaged products
  • Late delivery or misdelivery
  • Freight charge disagreements
  • Broken contracts or agreements

We understand how critical prompt and proper execution of shipments can be to your business. With our knowledge of complex transportation laws and three decades of experience, we will aggressively protect your interests.

Understanding Your Rights Within The Carmack Amendment

The Carmack Amendment is a federal law that applies to shippers and carriers involved with interstate shipments. The amendment provides guidelines for the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of both parties after lost or damaged cargo. Under the amendment, shippers must make claims for lost or damaged cargo in writing to carriers within nine months of the incident. It also allows carriers to limit their liability.

Interstate shipping is an everyday reality for many, whether your business is focused in surface and air transport, third-party logistics or more. Whether you are a shipper or carrier, we will advise on your rights within the Carmack Amendment and represent you in a dispute.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Lawyer

Transportation law is consistently evolving. With an emphasis on cost-effective solutions and a commitment to your success, we value the opportunity to work with you on a long-term basis.

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