Addressing Maritime and Business Law Issues Since 1989

Over Three Decades Of Experience In Maritime And Transportation Law

Maritime and transportation legal matters require careful, dedicated guidance. When such complicated issues can affect your livelihood or your business, you need experienced, proactive legal assistance.

Since 1989, the attorneys at Russell Mirkovich & Morrow have represented maritime and transportation entities, business owners, real estate investors and injured individuals. We understand the complications associated with marine, surface and air transportation. To efficiently confront and resolve your legal matters, we utilize state-of-the-art technology, cost-effective methods and client-focused service.

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Based in Long Beach, we assist clients across the greater Los Angeles area, throughout California and both nationally and internationally.

Representing Individuals, Businesses And Other Entities

We are committed to pursuing the short- and long-term goals of our clients, which include:

  • Ship and marine terminal operators
  • Importers, exporters and shippers
  • Marinas, shipyards and stevedores
  • Seamen and passengers
  • Transportation entities before U.S. customs and federal maritime commission
  • Those involved in the purchase and sale of small boats (marinas, businesses, etc.)
  • Non-vessel ocean commercial carriers (NVOCCs)
  • Warehouse, trucking and other related business interests

When you work with us, we will leverage our considerable experience to uncover your goals and devise an appropriate strategy forward. We understand that legal matters are not always a one-time issue. We value the opportunity to consult on the unique issues you may face over the coming years.

Acceptably Aggressive In Defending Your Interests

We value achieving a swift, efficient resolution. When litigation is necessary, whether due to a contract dispute, duty violation or more, we will advocate for you in court. We are aggressive when necessary and creative in our strategy to see your legal matter through to an optimal resolution.

Discuss Your Legal Matter With Our Lawyers

Contact our Long Beach office to learn how we can assist. Schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers by calling locally at 562-661-5709 or toll-free at 877-712-3401. Alternatively, send us an email.