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Cybersecurity lapses in the maritime industry may cause injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Maritime Law |

Nearly every industry relies on technology in some fashion these days. The maritime industry is no exception, which makes it as vulnerable to cyberattacks as any other industry here in California or elsewhere. Those attacks could put workers in danger, cause damage to property, cause damage to the economy and potentially expose the environment and people to hazardous pollutants.

Lapses in cybersecurity can lead to lost cargo. Even ships could be lost depending on the nature of the problem. Any number of things could be smuggled into the country, such as weapons of mass destruction, people or other weapons. Of course, all of these potential issues could arise, but it is the harm to those who work on ships, on docks and in other supporting roles in the maritime industry that should matter the most to their employers.

California maritime companies may want to address the issue in order to avoid any of the above problems. Companies could conduct risk assessments, find and employ best practices, and measure their progress. Checking supply chains, and improving and revising cybersecurity systems as needed could help keep people, goods and property safe from harm. The more secure the technological aspects of a maritime business are, the better off everyone will be.

Even when companies in the maritime industry take measures to protect their businesses and employees from cyberattacks, breaches can still occur. When they do, people could suffer injuries. Companies must be prepared for this eventuality as well since they could be held responsible. If that happens, consulting with an attorney experienced in maritime law could prove useful.

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