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The maritime industry may need to address cybersecurity issues

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Maritime Law |

Many California residents are working from home right now, which brings up several issues, including making sure that the information they work with remains secure. For this reason, the maritime industry may need to address cybersecurity issues. Otherwise, the potential for attacks from hackers could only increase.

Many companies involved in the maritime industry reported cyber attacks in recent years. Data from researchers indicates that only around 28% were able to thwart the attacks. As more people work from home, the companies that did not stop breaches may want to consider taking steps to improve their efforts to protect sensitive data.

The companies most at risk are small and medium in size. On the other hand, it appears that larger companies are taking steps to prevent cyber attacks. Even as companies say they are confident the industry is prepared, they are also saying that their organizations are not. Data breaches can cost a significant amount of money and time for the companies that experience them, and the data losses can trickle down to their customers and clients as well.

Technology can make life easier for those in the maritime industry, but it also comes with challenges that need attention. Protecting the data belonging to these companies will need to become a larger priority, especially as California faces significant challenges that require every industry to consider telework as an alternative to shutting their doors for an unknown amount of time. Lawsuits have been filed in the aftermath of data breaches in other industries, and that is bad enough. However, the loss of confidence in a business could cost even more over time.

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