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Overseas container loss has been problematic in recent months

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For many California businesses, a fundamental aspect of their operation is having products delivered in a timely fashion and in good condition. Whether the shipments are arriving via land, sea or air, it is important to understand transportation law and how businesses are protected if there are problems with the delivery. That can include damage, loss, deliveries being sent to the wrong location, or contracts being violated. Having legal protection can be crucial to recovering financially if there was a problem with cargo.

Overseas deliveries experiencing challenges with significant cargo loss

The shipping company Maersk lost containers as it transported products from China to Los Angeles. According to the company, the ship’s engine stopped as it was on its journey and containers went overboard. It was not reported how many containers were lost, but it is assessing its records to determine its scope. It is believed that IKEA and Adidas lost containers due to it having a large cache of products on the ship.

This is the second major loss within a month. In January, 750 containers were lost on the same route. That incident is said to have happened because of rough seas. Since the end of November, there have been six incidents in which containers were lost by Maersk. Overall, nearly 2,700 containers were lost in that time. That is more than two times the average per year. Long Beach is a primary port for these deliveries. Other companies have experienced problems with their overseas deliveries. More than 1,800 containers were lost in a Nov. 30 incident rising near the top of the largest losses of cargo in history.

Companies should be shielded for transportation issues

In shipping, accidents and mishaps can occur and in many instances. Companies that are expecting a delivery and are confronted with the shipment being lost should be aware of what they must do to protect their interests. Whether the products were damaged or did not arrive at all, it is wise for companies expecting delivery to be cognizant of what can be done to recover financially what was lost. Experienced legal professionals who understand transportation law, maritime law and business may be able to help.


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