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How might maritime law impact your legal claim?

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With a coastline like we have in California, there are plenty of companies and employees who work offshore or in industries tied to water-based transportation and other businesses. When a legal issue arises in this context, unique laws may come into play. The Jones Act and Longshoreman’s & Harbor Workers Act, for example, are laws that some of our readers in California may recognize. So, how might maritime law impact your legal claim?

Well, for starters, personal injury incidents that occur at sea or in a maritime context may be handled differently than, say, a personal injury claim based on a car accident, for example. Or, insurance claims in this context may be a bit more complex. There are even licensing and other regulatory issues that might arise and, despite your best efforts, complicate your attempt to conduct business or go to work.

There is no doubt that, beyond the “niche” aspect of maritime law, there is a certain amount of mystery that most people have when it comes to this area of the law. Why is it different? Why is it so commonly misunderstood? And, ultimately, how is it going to impact my potential legal case?

Getting the right help

At our law firm, we understand that, oftentimes, the primary question our clients have is: how and why is maritime law involved in my case? We do our best to help educate our clients and work with them to understand their options. No matter what your water-based legal issue is, getting the right help is paramount. For more information about how we attempt to help California residents with these legal issues, please visit the admiralty and maritime law section of our law firm’s website.


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