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As cruise industry ramps back up, a reminder to be careful

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We have all heard the news that the cruise industry is ramping back up. All across the country, there are news reports of cruise lines announcing new voyages. But, with all of this good news (or bad news, depending on one’s thoughts on the cruise industry), it is important to remember that there is such a thing as maritime personal injury. Indeed, we may forget, but prior to the last year or two, it seemed like every week there was a news story about some bad act, injury or outbreak happening on cruise lines.

Cruise ship deaths

Anyone who flips through broadcast TV has likely scene shows on cruise ship deaths, but this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the Death on the High Seas Act of 1920 was designed to help surviving family members when their loved ones are killed at sea. Specifically, it allows the surviving family members (children, parents and spouses) to seek compensation after a loved one dies at sea, assuming that the death occurred at least three nautical miles away from U.S. So, if one’s family member dies at sea, there is help in U.S. law to get some semblance of justice, even if criminal justice may not be possible.

Maritime personal injury

But, one does not need to die at sea to get compensation. Maritime personal injury law is also available for those that are injured on cruise ships. This includes from accidents, assaults, slip and falls, etc. All of the normal issues that occur at resorts happen on cruise ships, except they are often exacerbated because they occur on the water or at sea. This is where maritime personal injury law comes into play to get civil justice for one’s injuries.

Vacations are not always fun

For our Long Beach, California, readers and readers throughout California, know that cruise ships are designed to be fun, but not all vacations are fun. Sometimes, accidents happen, and when those accidents are a result of another’s negligence, a civil lawsuit is the appropriate remedy to help get one’s life back in order. And, this is no different whether one is vacationing on a resort or a cruise ship.


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