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When do container stations become responsible for merchandise?

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Merchandise is transported all around the world and Long Beach receives many containers of merchandise through the ports in and near the city. The containers of merchandise need to be offloaded and often times stored until they are eventually carried by different modes of transportation over land to their final destinations. This often occurs at container freight stations.

The various importers and carriers of the containers across the oceans have to make sure that they keep very detailed logs of the merchandise that they carry on their ships. This is so they can ensure that the merchandise that they are tasked with transporting ends up at its final destination. It also helps determine liability if a container or merchandise ends up lost before it makes it to the final destination.

Official receipt of merchandise shifts responsibility

For this reason, it is important to know when that responsibility shifts from the importing carriers to the container freight station operators. A short answer to this question is that the importing or bonded carrier is responsible for the merchandise until it is formally received by the container freight operator.

It is the responsibility of the importing or bonded carrier to ensure that the person who is receiving the merchandise is in fact a person authorized by the container freight station operator to receive the merchandise. Part of this process includes the carrier providing the container station operator with a complete log of all needed information on the containers of merchandise. After the container station operator officially receives it, the responsibility shifts to the container station operator.

The shipping industry is massive in California and many containers of various types of merchandise go through the ports. Because of this, the job of maintaining accurate records of all the containers is very important. It is important to be able to track the merchandise and also determine who may be at fault if merchandise is lost or does not make it to a final destination on time. Experienced attorneys understand this large and complicated industry and may be a useful resource.

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