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Protecting your business with appropriate contracts

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Different types of businesses in California may view contracts in different ways. For some, a contract is simply a way to formalize, in writing, what two parties have already agreed to orally. But, contracts are so much more than that. In the end, contracts should protect your company and your business interests.

Getting contracts right

Why are contracts necessary to begin with? In essence, it is so that your company’s agreements with other parties are legally enforceable. This means that, if the other party doesn’t live up to the expectations and agreements set forth in the contract, your company can take them to court to either seek compliance or compensation for the “breach” of the contract. Or sometimes a party just wants to end a contract. Either way, with the terms and conditions of the business relationship spelled out in a contract, you should, in theory, have a roadmap for how to handle any disagreements.

There are many different types of contracts that any given company in California might need to have drafted or reviewed. From commercial leases to license agreements, operating contracts and employment agreements – and everything in between. Getting these contracts right is the key to protecting the legal interests of your company.

Of course, sometimes disputes over business contracts end up in litigation. As much as each party probably hopes, when the contract is signed, that the business relationship will go smoothly, sometimes things simply don’t work out or there are major disagreements about what a party’s obligations are. If your company is facing litigation over a contract, or any contract issue, you’ll need the right legal information to protect your business interests.


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