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Zero emissions mandate changes landscape for transporting goods

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Transportation Law |

California businesses are increasingly investing in new strategies to ship their products with a limited impact on the planet.

Still, adapting to the new landscape can be complicated and with new transportation laws going into effect, businesses need to be ready. For example, companies are using electric trucks for transport more frequently. To comply with upcoming changes to the law, it is essential for companies to have a plan in place and know how to prepare financially and logistically.

California laws will change the transportation industry

By 2035, trucks that transport cargo from ports to warehouses must be electric. While businesses are taking steps that will reduce emissions to zero, insiders say that every link in the supply chain needs to cooperate to make these objectives a reality.

Globally, companies are working hand in hand to move to electric trucking. Cost is a concern as diesel trucks are known to be less expensive. Shorter distance shipping will transition to electric sooner than long distance.

Electric vehicles have lower emissions, but there have been hiccups in rolling out the infrastructure that supports them. For example, it takes time for these vehicles to charge and the locations are still limited. Another issue is that drivers are limited in how long they can stay on the road in one sitting and this could also hinder productivity with charging time factored in.

Transportation grows more complex by the day

These changes are positive ones in the long run, but they add layers of challenges for companies and their employees as they try to adapt to the current and pending changes. For transportation concerns from dealing with the law, addressing workforce disagreements and being in full compliance, it is important for companies to be fully prepared and have a firm understanding of transportation law and how it affects their operations.

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