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Insurance plays an important role in every industry. California business owners may have a variety of insurance policies to cover a myriad of issues. When companies pay their premiums, they expect their insurance companies to protect them when needed. Unfortunately, many business law and litigation issues arise out of insurance disputes.

California business owners may need more help than their insurance companies can provide them if they are looking at liability from a first or third party. The fact is that most insurance companies will at least attempt to either deny or delay claims despite their customers consistently paying their premiums. This could mean that your company could be on its own when defending against a claim due to an accident at sea, a trucking accident or a train derailment.

On the other hand, a legal issue could arise between you and your insurance company. Insurance companies are required by law to adhere to certain procedures when you file a claim. When your claim is denied, you should have the ability to appeal the decision. If not, you may have a claim for bad faith.

Regardless of whether your company is involved in transporting cargo on land or sea, you most likely rely on your insurance when something goes wrong. When you cannot rely on it due to bad faith, or the coverage will not sufficiently cover a potential claim against you, you may benefit from obtaining some assistance. A business law and litigation attorney with experience in your industry could help you find the best possible solution to your legal issue.

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