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Work on docks and aboard sea-faring vessels is common in the Long Beach area. This means that there are a fair number of people each year who are injured while working on a ship, barge, or other vessel, as well as on docks and at ports. While legal action can help alleviate the damages caused by these injuries, which can be rather extensive, the matter can be more complex than expected. This is because admiralty and maritime law applies to these situations rather than normal tort law. So, if you hope to appropriately approach your case, then you want to have an aggressive advocate on your side who knows the ins and outs of this are of the law.

Know how to build your case

As important as admiralty and maritime law, such as the Jones Act, is, it’s not enough to simply know it. You have to be competent in the development of your legal claim, which means being diligent in gathering evidence, anticipating defense arguments, and presenting arguments to the court that are compelling and convincing.

To craft the holistic case you need to maximize your chances of success, you might have to conduct depositions, gather documentation from third-parties, and be prepared to make and meet objections. These matters can be highly technical, which is why most people who have suffered harm at sea, at a port, or on a dock, choose to turn to a legal professional who knows how to take the steps needed to confidently build their case.

Not all law firms are the same

If you’re looking for legal representation, then you know that there are a lot of law firms out there. They might all look the same, but there are big distinctions amongst them. For example, our law firm was founded in 1989, meaning that we have decades of experience handling civil litigation cases. Additionally, unlike some attorneys, we’re not afraid to go to trial, which puts our clients in a strong position during negotiations.

Time and again, we’ve reached favorable outcomes for our clients. That’s why if you’ve been injured and need an admiralty and maritime law attorney on your side, then we encourage you to continue to research our firm to see what we have to offer.

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