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Warehouse space and logistics a concern at California ports

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For businesses that rely on the Southern California ports, there are many issues that will come to the forefront in operating efficiently and effectively. That can include worker safety, employment, insurance, licensing, finances and transportation. Given the recent challenges that have been having a negative impact on business around the globe, logistics and warehousing is a problem that the ports and those with whom they are doing business are forced to confront. Understanding this is a first step to solving it and it might be necessary to have guidance through the legal maze to forge an effective result.

Lack of warehouse space and clogged ports are worrisome

Online shopping and deliveries has spiked over the past two years and, combined with the fluctuating national crisis, has led to a litany of worries. Supply and delivery was already slowed with long lines waiting to come into port to make deliveries. Now, warehousing needs to be addressed as there is a lack of space. Warehouses have gotten so full that short-term strategies are being implemented such as trailers, diverting the deliveries to other ports and renting warehouse space elsewhere.

A scarcity of workers is also a sticking point. Experts say that the backlog, a lack of space, the paucity of workers – all have contributed to the problem. The warehousing gap stems from raised demand reducing the amount of room available; an increase in prices with renters needing to find more economical solutions; delivery drivers waiting longer than normal; inability to meet staffing needs; delays in expanding capacity through construction; and demand remaining static and at a high level. In the short-term, it may be beneficial for businesses to consider their options for expansion and determining alternative methods to meet their needs.

Having legal assistance can address maritime warehousing concerns

There may be a variety of ways to deal with this litany of maritime, transportation and warehousing matters. That can involve expansion, crafting new strategic blueprints, expanding the workforce and thinking outside the box. This can involve time, money and understanding various laws. For guidance and help in coming to a reasonable and effective result, having assistance from experienced professionals in admiralty and maritime law can be a wise decision.


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