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Common maritime accidents

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All forms of transportation have accidents. But the ocean is vast and, for many workers and individuals, presents the risk of accidents.


Cruise vessels comprise major types of maritime accidents that can lead to maritime personal injury lawsuits by passengers and workers. These vessels may capsize or develop serious problems because of severe weather.

Crew negligence also cause cruise vessel accidents. For example, data reveal that crew negligence was associated with almost 75% of fires on these vessels.

Diving-support vessels also cater to tourists. But unfit crews and their inability to oversee the operation can lead to major accidents.

Other vessels

Tugboats are small vessels that help large ships to move into docks. But these larger vessels may block the tugboat’s visibility. Pilot error has also caused unexpected accidents.

Explosions have occurred on crude oil tankers and cargo ships. Even minor explosions can be catastrophic because of the flammable cargo. Workers’ negligence, according to statistics, caused 84 to 88% of these accidents.

Barges accidents often take place because of the overall build of these vessels. These have limited movement on water and from towing equipment. Inexperienced operators and faulty towing cables also cause accidents.


There are numerous structures used in the ocean. Their operations may be dangerous.

Offshore oil rig accidents may harm workers and the environment. Heavy machinery and complex processes pose accident risks on oil rigs. Even minor errors can have serious consequences.

Marine crane operations at ports and ships are risky. Workers have been seriously injured or killed because of defective wires or winches. Inexperienced or negligent crane workers also cause mishaps.

Fitting and welding accidents are common in shipyards where ships are assembled and constructed. Inhalation of poisonous fumes are another cause of injuries.

Other accidents

Workers have been injured in ship grounding, which takes place when the vessel’s bottom scrapes through the ocean-bed. This also damages the ship’s hull and the oceanic area where the grounding took place.

Commercial fishing accidents occur when fishermen fall overboard. Harsh weather conditions may also lead to damage and injuries.

As in other occupations and transportation, drug and alcohol use also cause accidents. Addiction-induced frenzy may lead to workers behaving erratically and engaging in risky behavior.

These injuries may be serious or fatal. Attorneys experienced in maritime accidents can help assure that evidence is obtained and that a lawsuit is filed in accordance with the governing law.

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