Addressing Maritime and Business Law Issues Since 1989

Navigating The Complexities Of Business Disputes

A dispute can threaten the continued success and operations of your business. Whether you are pursuing legal action or fighting against a lawsuit, you need experienced legal representation ready to defend your rights.

At Russell Mirkovich & Morrow, our attorneys have assisted businesses, business owners and other related interests since 1989. We understand what is at stake. We hold the violating party accountable, pursue the appropriate remedy to benefit your business and work to proactively avoid similar future disputes.

Protecting Your Interests In A Wide Array Of Disputes

Businesses face a variety of threats, whether due to competition, disagreeing owners, hastily written contracts and more. Our lawyers can assist in combating many business disputes, including:

  • Business torts or when a wrongful, intentional or reckless act is committed against your business
  • Internal disputes, when partners or shareholders cannot reach an agreement
  • Broken contracts or when violated terms cause harm to your business
  • Other business-related disputes that may require litigation, arbitration or more

With over three decades of litigation experience, we can provide a knowledgeable perspective to your dispute. Whether the dispute requires negotiation, litigation or both, we can provide you with intelligent, creative and proactive solutions.

How A Breach Of Contract Can Significantly Affect A Business

We offer experienced assistance when one party failed to comply with their end of the contract. A breach of contract can financially and operationally affect your business. To compensate for the harmful repercussions suffered, the violated party may be entitled to demand the other party to fulfill their duty, legally cancel the contract or sue for restitution.

A Unique Focus In Working With Transportation And Maritime Businesses

While we assist businesses across greater Los Angeles and California, we uniquely focus in working with businesses and business owners within the maritime and transportation industries. We can advise on the challenging disputes that can involve international interests and complex regulatory or licensing guidelines. We can also assist when disputes involve the critical matters of fines, duties and penalties.

Discuss Your Dispute With A Lawyer

An attorney experienced with both maritime or transportation law and business law can be instrumental in protecting your interests. Contact our Long Beach office to schedule a consultation. Call us at 562-661-5709, call toll-free at 877-712-3401 or send us an email.